Ok, this morning the Internet really LET ME DOWN.

Funny, I’d never have said that back in grad school.  I’m that old.  As I finished my last bit of grad school, I was just hearing about the “world wide web’.  Seriously.

One of the things that has sucked the most about returning into school at my almost 49 year old status, is e-books and lectures. I have never been good with a computer, as many people will attest, over the years I’ve grown far more reliant my laptop.  Love/Hate – big bang theory snippets versus KenHub….. But tday, at 4 a.m. I was assuming that I could do a bang up job on my Kinesi HW due at 1 p.m.

Bu the Universe decided that “WWW” access remained off-line until approaching 9:30 a.m.  I dealt a lotta stuff, and that was cool, but it wasn’t the Prime Mover of the To Do list.

Anyways, ended up being pretty darn fun and informative.  But I am SOOOOO screwed tomorrow.  So much to do. I’m depending on my 6 a.m. Sub at Hot/Not to propel through a sort of scary day!

Been dying to post something – I realized I was just testing the new phone in my last post.

I almost posted my attempt at grokking gait analysis.  But that would be so nerdy of me.  But that is the sorta shtuff that my pee-brain is filled with.  Way too Left-Brained for me!

So here are a few pictures, just to prove I am sneaking in little bits of practice – before school.  And picking the Basenji babies up from Doggy Day Care.  I have so many more I’d like to share.  But I’ve run out of allotted time.  30 minutes now allotted for planning tomorrow’s strategy for not flunking out of school.


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