Semester III finals begin next week

Pretty terrified. I am going to be tested on a lot of meaningless numbers and an unknown test of performing a mock “treat” – meaning treatment and a plethora of Vital Signs and Signs and Symptoms.

I feel so unprepared it is almost paralyzing. I am really questioning my path!  I wish we’d covered 75% of the course content this semester, so I would have truly become proficient- for example, I love posture and gait analysis.  But I’m kinda terrible at memorizing numbers.  And I a bad kid.  We are supposed to calculate max/min VO2M and target rates and maximum heart rate yesterday, like perform the math when there is a website that I can do that in a matter of seconds.  I don’t like math. I vote for it, BUT, it is a weakness of mine and I kinda adore plugging numbers to sites like this. Ah, my love of Promega and the like.  I never much cared for conversions and you need to a fair amount of such in microbiology.  It annoys me when I’m trying to grok with Ther-Ex, which is what I want to do, if I decide to stay in the program.  I’m really questioning my path.

But Mid-Aug I am going to do a 2 week externship at Concentra.  I sure hope that the experience will re-ignite the fire.

And I gotta get back to a regular and balanced yoga practice. Like, starting today.

Hope you have a great day

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