Semester III/V completed!

Well, we have two weeks of externships at various clinics before it is technically over, but I am really looking forward for being out there in the real PT world.

It has been absolutely crazybusy in my life the past few weeks.  I have wanted to blog but I decided that I really needed to focus on other things.  I haven’t hardly taken any yoga pictures, which I typically do on a daily basis

So I guess I’m coming up for air, if but for a minute.  Here are a few. I haven’t hardly been on my mat since Sunday.  That is NOT good.  I simply have to make it a priority now that finals are over. 🙂

Signing off here.  I rarely get political but I just share to share a screen shot that I came across recently. I have detested that man since I first about him.  That he claimed Bankruptcy.  Holy shit peeps, this guy is so unfit to guide our country.  I meditate upon his loss daily  Other things too, but he is in the top 3.

Blessings Peeps!



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