I *have* to figure out a way to see the Olympic Gymnastics events.  As a little girl, those gymnasts were really my heroes.  I took a lot of gymnastics, but honestly I was bullied and I stopped taking classes.  I didn’t have “body” of a gymnast, and repeated rotations gave me a headache.

Moved onto Ballet.  That was a lot of fun, but as a junior high-schooler I enjoyed it but didn’t really put my heart into it. So that went by way-side as well.

Yet, in retrospect, I learn a lot from my experiences.  I wasn’t meant to practice poses on a balance beam, parallel bars, vault (my total fear of all), not even floor (my favorite).

No, I was meant to find my practice years later on a yoga mat. Here’s a few from this morning. I actually had a wardrobe malfunction but I’m hoping that WordPress won’t find it anything to censor! 🙂

Over and out, I have much to do to get ready for class this afternoon. And find shoes that are appropriate for business attire (I live in flip flops and tennis shoes)


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