Week 2 of 2 at first internship

I am pre-grieving leaving Concentra at week’s end.  I am learning so much and fun meeting so many people in the real life setting.  With feedback from a very gifted PT.

Classroom is obviously important, but it is really hard to pretend to treat pretend injuries at school.  I wasn’t good at play pretend games as a child, I’m terrible at storytelling, and apparently I’m bad at faux therapy physical competency tests that involve a whole lot of pretending…. ‘Nuf said.

I do know I’m good at teaching yoga…..  I look forward to the day I can feel that way about being a PTA . I really adore helping someone get through their physical and/or mental block at *any level* .  That is my Dharma.

Teaching Yoga FT, although it sounds great, well….. Let’s say I’d like to start making some bank, too.  Not just Karma Points.  As I turn 49 in a few weeks, I’ve got to get cracking on the paycheck, and if I have to scale back teaching, while it will kill me inside, I also have to think about me and *my future*.

his is a total generality, not pointing my finger at anyone, person, please.  But I there are so many students that love the outcome of a good class yet wish the classes were cheaper.  Well….. That would be nice all, but a studio has to not just survive, but THRIVE… and that involves keeping skilled instructors on the schedule.  I want to ask them “aren’t you worth $10?”.  Aren’t you interested in the financial well-being of all involved?  I don’t want yoga to be a business.  Yet it must be so, at least for me.

So how can I tactfully tell a student that “please complain to someone else, for it personally insults me you’d take this issue up with me”.?  Please cyberspace, I could use some guidance on that.



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