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My 2 week internship at Concentra was fabulous. I am going to miss everyone there.  I couldn’t have been placed anywhere better.  I really wish I could just stay there – but I will be going back to the classroom in two weeks

There was some drama this week too…….  I was in a 4 car crash this week, so my beloved Prius Scarlett needs to go to the shop. 🙁  Luckily no one was hurt in the crash – and I was the front car, sustaining very little damage and was 100% not culpable so I won’t have to fight a bunch of insurance bickering.)

Also I’ve had to miss teaching 4 classes that I love teaching.  I haven’t spent any quality time on my mat – and that is where I center myself and detoxify.  I’m guessing I’ll be pretty peppy at my class this morning.  I’m so psyched to go there, I love my time at Vivify

Once I write up my reflections on internship I have a week off from school – and you can bet I’m going to spend a lot of time on my mat!

Here are my pictures from the past few days.  I really liked the tree I used to shade Scarlett.  I had to mess around with it.

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