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I requested several cities for my Fall and Spring clinical rotations (you have to leave the area, which I think is sort of stupid but I knew that going into the program). Anyway, most of my suggestions were Santa Fe, Ruidoso, Las Cruces, etca and lastly Gallup.  I also through out the potential of Seattle, WA (which is still home, but lessening ).  and Rochester MN.

Well I just found out that:

Fall Rotation will be in Gallop.  A sport-rehap-centric orthopedic facility. It’s a 2 hour drive so I will be staying the work week in Gallup and Weekend commute to Rio Rancho on the weekends.

Gallup will be a major cultural change for a little white girl from MN. That’s cool, but a little un-nerving which people shake their heads sadly for me.  But my new friend and fellow yogini Haley just moved there. She’s a sparkle fairy, which are always good to have around.  🙂 so YAY!  🙂

Spring Semester will be at a retirement-centric facility IN SEATTLE.  I’m over the moon. I still miss my Eastside tribe and the beauty of the Pac NW a lot.  But it will be during the ickiest of WA weather – so maybe this will be my final Seattle stay.  Dunno, but I am going to make it priority to see as many people possible. And learn as much as possible about Physical Therapy in this setting. I’m entirely focused on ortho, but geriatric rotation sounds pretty interesting.  Far more preferable than in some scary ICU in a hospital. I have a big aversion to being in a hospital. Childhood trauma.

Wow.  I have many journeys ahead!



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