Albuquerque Yoga

Ain’t no time to play

School is really stressing me out. I took a Take Home Quiz last night and I’m pretty sure I did terrible on it.  That is frustrating, given I had full use of my notebooks, etc. But I neglected to print out some documents that really would have helped me – and I realized once I had begun the hour-limit test.  Even more importantly, I was exceedingly over-tired and I was almost falling asleep.  Oh well, gotta let it go.

I wish I had time to officially practice today, I really could use it.  But I did have fun with yesterday’s practice and will definitely be sneaking in a mini-practice this morning.  But first, I have to prepare for a big day of Therapeutic Exercise.  It is my favorite class but I not at all prepared 😦

From yesterday at the lovely Hot or Not NM studio.

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  1. Hi Theresa!
    Oh man I’ve sure been out of the Blog loop! Your august comment got me back on it today, and wow, you are a warrior! So strong, consistent and not stopping! Thank you for the inspiration. I will get back on the blogs… eventually 🙂

    • Why thank you my dear, what kind words to wake up to (I typically blog whilst drinking my morning coffee). I don’t get to spend a whole lot of time on it these days, due to school but I do find it cathartic.

      I am betting you have been taking a break since you write really nice pieces, well researched an eloquent. I try to not make my blog all about yoga…. but it is more of a yoga picture journal now – although I’d love to have the time to delve into other topics.

      Have a beautiful day lady 🙂

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