Life is Good

Ok, I gotta keep this one short. But I want to thank the universe for waking up to find out that the lab practical scheduled for today has been postponed a week. I really felt unprepared for it given that it is midterm week and there is so much material to review.  I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet.  But I gotta get cracking once I’ve had my coffee.

Got quite a bit of yoga in this weekend (and worked so hard on today’s HW, which I managed to turn in last night).  These days the only days I get a true practice is on the weekends.  The school week is too consuming.

Loving this this little clip.  This is a “trick” that I forgot about.  Momentum makes it easy. It makes me wanna try a front walkover again, something that I haven’t tried in a few years because I got a yucky feeling in my right quads when I did it and at the time thought that might need to be my last front walkover. But I think I gotta go for it again.

A couple stills that I took as well.  It is pretty important to wake up the wrist and open up the shoulders before you take on this variation of floor bow.  It is a pretty advanced variation, so you ought to come to my Empower class on Sundays at Vivify Hot Yoga NM and we can work on it.



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