Why oh Why must technology mock me?

Oh Oh.  There I go, feeling sorry for myself. I have been told I do that a lot.  Hmm.  I’m certainly don’t want to be fucking Eeyore (although he is cute, I’m going to have to find a picture of him. But I have a midterm re-take this afternoon, so I need to be studying, and not looking at Google Images.

But I am really annoyed that I can’t seem to be able to upload pictures from my phone to my laptop. I’ve never had a problem with until recently. I’ve force quitted the program, I’ve re-started both my phone and computer and still no-go. This too, must await getting thorough the day.

I wish I could share some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately. The cybergods, they have always mocked me. Oh, Oh, I’m feeling sorry for myself.  Definitely time for more coffee than back to ROM, MMTs, Phases of Recovery times (all different), Contra-indications and ideas for any of those scenarios.  Good lord, I am truly about to crash and burn, I am so behind trying to catch up.

So mock me if you must Cyber-God.  Universe, I implore you, just help me pass Semester IV.  I just want to go back to clinic….

Go Hawks!!!!


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