Thank you, Erich Schiffmann

I already posted this, but I feel like I need to revise what I said.  I am ordinarily anti-political for so many reasons, I guess the most being that I believe I just need to vote and I that is really only all I can do.  But DT is so vile that I have to state how I’m feeling about the upcoming elections.  I have to start making a political stance. But I won’t be making it at my classes, I will continue to love all my friends despite their political thoughts, and I promise I won’t be talking about how strongly I feel about my political beliefs regarding this election at Empower.  When I walk into Vivify, I simply forget about the outside world and just want to de-stress, clear my mind and have a blast.

Ok, back to Erich.

I have only been to 2 of Erich’s classes – he is based in Venice Beach, CA.  But they were extremely powerful and in the past year I’ve listened to his dharma talks, podcasts and I credit his wisdom to an important part of my transition to New Mexico. His philosophy is truly changing the way I live my life and teach yoga.  I call my take on the Freedom chapter “play time”.

I’ve got a lot of training in a plethora of styles of yoga.  I studied with Gary for a long stint, and for some time his Brand strongly influenced by teaching, he has a well balanced sequence that he focuses on.  But increasingly I’m drawn to Erich’s style of teaching – “Freedom Yoga”.  He discussed his peace with other people also teaching Freedom Yoga. I feel like I should get the okay from him, but he is a busy guy and he doesn’t know me from Adam, so they say.  But I think that when people ask me in the future what style of yoga I teach, I will say either Cocktail Yoga or Freedom style. It sums up the way I want my personal journey to go.

Teaching my upside playtime class this afternoon at Vivify at 4 p.m. It’s actually called Empower, and it is all levels, quite interactive, light-hearted, and I am committed to each student leaving with a smile on their face and feeling accomplished for doing at LEAST one thing that they didn’t believe they could pull off. I love this class

Over, and out, I gotta study for a skill competency tomorrow regarding Cardiac Rehab.  Distressed, honestly.


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