Week 4

Happy Monday All.  I’m back in Gallup after a whirlwind weekend with my family and friends in RR.  It was so lovely, went far too fast.  Lots of yoga and chilling on the sofa with my dear husband and sweet Basenjis.  I think the dogs are quite confused by our schedule of late!!




I am loving the clinical experience, so for a few days I am back in the dumpy hotel room, and I’m gonna try and not get homesick.  I was so tired when I got here last night, I unpacked/organized and then plopped in bed and watched bad TV. Not proud, but I really couldn’t think.  Slept like a rock, getting used to the ceaseless trains that run on the other side of Historic Route 66.

Today is a new day and I’m banning the bad TV. I’ve got some pending HW assignments due and it is time to get FOCUSED. Looking forward to seeing the clients today. I’ve been here long enough that I’ve bonded with so many of them.

Next week the clinic is closed so I will get a whole week to be home. I’m counting the days (but again, when I’m at the clinic itself, I don’t think about that.

I'd love to hear what you think :)

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