Home. Thank Goodness

I feel I must always reiterate how grateful and happy I am to be at my externship in Gallup.  The PTs and the Pts are the best!  But my crappity, depressing hotel room (albeit quite clean, with a very nice staff and people I’ve met there)  gets a little lonesome.

It’s great to be home.  When I rounded the bend on I-40, and saw the glittering of ABQ, I was quite taken. I wish I’d been here for the supermoon. My favorite picture I’ve come across.  Wow!


So, that’s not the view from my house.  I don’t care, I’m at home, and Dang it feels good.  I’ve managed to drag my stuff inside from Scarlett the Prius and have started to unpack.  But I’m too tired to do much more than I have, yet too wired to be home to fall asleep.

I haven’t taken any yoga photos in days.  Too busy, not really inspired. But I’m home for more than a week, and I’m certain that tomorrow I will be motivated to practice hard and document where I’m at in my practice these days.  (not great, PT has taken over much of my life these days).  But I’ve got OVER A WEEK!  to not just teach, but take some classes.  Be with family.  Sleep in my own bed.

Yay.  I am journaling about my experience, but not at all ready for prime time.


I have to say, before I succumb to my exhaustion, that DONALD TRUMP IS THE WORST IDEA OF A 45TH PRESIDENT THAT I POSSIBLY COULD HAVE IMAGINED.  I don’t want to be political. I really don’t.  But with that Pig headed for office….. I might just have to keep voicing my disgust, even though I don’t want to feed the way I feel about the thought of him being Commander in Chief.


I have tried to convince myself that at least it is a 3-way system… But not convinced that the other 2 are much better.  I do pray we’re not on the brink of Civil WarII/WWIII. Because that is as plausible as the bullshit that is happening around us.

But tomorrow, I will meditate and stop wishing the worst of the worst of the unimaginable of this Pig.  And try to be a loving and tolerant and hopeful and ahimsic yogini that I can be.

This will all be made so much more possible that a morning of yoga at Vivify.  Vibe and Yin.  Best way to kick off my holiday possible!



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