Last Externship Week!!!

There are a lot of things to do this week to finish my externship strong.  A assignment on billing processes (icky).  I’ve got to work at least 50 hours to pull off my clinic time requirement to actually pass my Clinical Education II class. Not bitching, I just have to make up the hours due to the clinic being closed Thanksgiving Week (which was AWESOME to be at home for more than 1.75 days for a month.  🙂  I need to attain Advanced Intermediate Status in a whole lot of categories – and I recognize there are some things like documentation/billing that I’m trying to hone.  🙁

The final requirement is giving an In-Service for the staff.  My topic (approved by my CI, sort of suggested) is a compare contrast of Physical Therapy and Yoga.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop, they are similar in many ways and I love both fields.  But Yoga being a 5000 year + spiritual tradition (non-religious) with physicality being 1/8th of the process… Wow, I don’t know how to succinctly express my knowledge and beliefs of the benefits/similarities/differences.  I’ve jotted down so many notes, but now to consolidate into a fun, fluid, interactive, and polished presentation.

One more week in Gallup.  I’ll miss the staff and clients a great deal. I’m bummed I will miss on their discharge once they accomplish their PT goals.  But dammit I’ve struggled with homesickness.  My stint at Day’s Inn West….. Well, here’s my lovely room.

I really haven’t been inspired to do much photography in Gallup. It’s been pretty chilly outside, Route 66 hasn’t really impressed me. I know that there are gorgeous spots in the area, a friend dear to my heart regularly posts from gorgeous shots in Gallup.  Here are a few I shot the other morning.  It was cold as hell, and I was in full view of the motel and all the cars driving by….


It will be lovely to be home until Feb.  (when I go to SEATTLE for 7 weeks!)  I KNOW I’ll get some great shots there, since I’ve got about 5000 shots there that I’m fond of 🙂

Ok, time to work on my presentation 🙂  NAMASTE!


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