Eve of Semester V

Well, I have been deluged with HW in anticipation for the start of Semester V, and I have done my best to prepare for the week. Fully anticipate getting slammed with HW in the next 4 days, with comments like “you’ll have plenty of time during holiday” and “this is an accelerated program” etc etc etc.

It would be insane of me to expect any different from this program. Same situation, expect the same sh*t, unless you are insane, right?  So I will try to keep a smile on my face while they do what I fully expect them to.

I still enjoyed my week, trying to make up for 7 weeks of bouncing around between Gallup and RioRancho.  I actually took a few yoga classes, I got to do a few extra sub classes.. and thoroughly enjoyed my classes. Had a bit of time to do some photography, which of course I just love and learn so much from.

I also got to do some double shots which are always SO MUCH FUN!

I’ve said it countless times, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so – but I love the Vivify studio so much – and the other instructors are the best – thanks Marci for doing some duo yoga with me.  🙂  Highlight of my day, for sure!

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