Heavy Heart

Today hasn’t started all that awesome. I’m dwelling on the past and I really would like to let that go. The past can’t be changed. I can only learn from it and try to not make the same or similar mistakes. Today is after all a fresh new day, full of promise, love, and light if I just stay focused on IT!

Trying to add a wonderful clip of an 85 year old woman who was able to overcome severe kyphosis be the power of yoga. The cybergods are blocking me, so I give up.  But watching it does fill my heart with my conviction that Yoga Teaching is exactly what I’m meant to do. It does feel good to believe I’m on the right path.  :).  I highly suggest that you do a search for it.  Then tell me that you can’t do yoga because you aren’t flexible!!! I hear that defense a lot and I SIMPLY DISAGREE.

School resumes tomorrow. It’s been so nice to have a break, attend to some real life stuff and get on my mat more than I have in some time. I had the honor to substitute teach some really great classes. And the energy in those classes and my regular classes has been just incredible. So not looking forward to having to shift my attention back to school.

PTA school has really transformed my teaching skills and approach. I’m most grateful for that. But I know that return to school means having to re-focus a great deal of my energy, to some things that I know are super important (so cool) but many things that I find busywork and honestly annoying. Then end is near – I will graduate in Mid-April!!! But I have the board examination to prepare for in 6 months now. Rather overwhelming.

Thank the Higher Powers that I have my family and yoga practice to get me through this time.

I’m pretty stoked that the SeaHawks made it through the first game of playoffs last night. It was so fun to watch the game with my husband. He is really fun to watch football with, he is my interpreter for many reasons and it is just cozy to hang out with him in general. The game was at home and involved many backdrop shots of a city that I love and miss so very much. If I just keep my on the prize, I will be there for 7 weeks, in just a month now. Wow!!!!

So life is indeed good. Time to get on my mat for a little morning practice followed by a meditation, which will be guided by a favorite Erich Schiffman recording.

Have a wonderful day.

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