Yoga Challenges are the Best

I haven’t participated in a yoga challenge in some time but a very fun one kicked off yesterday and I’m grateful to be on the bus.  This one is neat, organized by a dear friend and it is geared toward beginners.  I’m not, but I’m on the bus, and love a good reason to get on my mat, especially when I have been sitting like a stone doing HW.

The poses of the day were Peaceful Warrior/Downward-Facing Dog.  It was optional to post as a flow sequence but I decided to go for the still.

Here it is

IMG_0545.JPGBut of course, while I was out there, with the amazing Sandia mountain range on just a slightly cool day with the sky looking so dang cool… I had to take a few more.

My form in tripod is off (so I’m glad to see that, will be working on it for sure!) and my standing bow as well (standing leg pretty bent)…. This is why I love to document my practice – the shots teach me a lot about what I need to focus on.

On a non-yoga related note, I cried during President Obama’s Farewell Speech last night.  I am going to miss him. I think he will go down as one of the greatest Presidents.  I truly cringe at the thought of the lying cheating, narcissistic, “pussy-grabbing” rich son of a bitch taking over, especially given that he lost the popular vote by millions.  I regard him as potentially the Anti-Christ.  Each day crazier shit comes out about the son of a bitch and my concerns for his administration grow stronger and stronger. I know I need to update my passport.  With this guy, it goes to sure you never can tell.


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