Friday! Woo-hoo!

Fridays are the best because we don’t have classes. I have a gob of HW to take on, and I’ve actually been pretty disciplined – until now.  In a bit I will take the Basenjis for Walk #2 of the day, and then turn my thoughts to teaching at Viv tonight.  Love my Friday night class, I haven’t formally practiced for several days, just my little mini-practices.  Looking forward to playing with my yogi friends!

The sky is gloomy today and I’m saving my Challenge Shot until I get to the studio.  Today’s pose is balancing stick.  Not one of my favorites, so that is a good thing. I’ll definitely be incorporating it into class tonight!  I also look forward to working on reverse tabletop and sugarcane.  Apart from that, I’m going to rely on the Vibe of the class (and any suggestions from the students, as always!)

Here’s a few shots from yesterday.  Man, the NM sky is just too dang pretty!

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