The Tweeter

Got sucked into watching the news last night. I really don’t like where this country is headed. I find it pretty damn scary and awfully f*ing frustrating. I hope to hell that Some of the Congressional Republicans grow a spine and stand up to Tweeter.  Surely they will realize that the people they represent will not re-elect them their next go around.  Hopefully their own selfish motivations will sway them into doing the right thing.  (wishful thinking?)

Anyways not much I can do about it apart from continue to share troubling articles.  I am not a phone-caller and I am not a demonstrator.. I have and will continue to sign petitions when I come across them.

Anyways, I gotta get out of this mindset, do a little HW. Get on my mat for a little while and get ready for a doctor exam.  Yippee.

Here’s my last set of pictures.  I am so grateful for my practice.


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