2 week countdown

I head to Sunport (ABQ airport) 2 weeks from today, Seattle being my destination for 7 whole weeks.  I’m so excited and yet stressed beyond belief!  The next 2 weeks are going to be really trying. Between final testing until next Friday… and getting my ducks in a row for such a long trip is…. overwhelming….


I’ll deal, I always do.. 🙂

The next thing I know I’ll be HOME, if but for a teensy bit of time.  It will bittersweet though, for my life has pretty much transitioned to NM. It’s been nearly 2 years we’ve been here and I’m part of a fabulous kula.  So I’ll be homesick for my husband, minions, (Romeo and Zena) and NM family.


I won’t be staying in a drafty hotel room.  I loved Gallup externship, but the hotel above was most depresssing.

It’s going to be interesting to working with elderly people. I tend to get along with them well.  Their stories are pretty amazing if nothing else.  It will be fun to help them regain as much as former function as possible.  🙂



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