They are kinda dragging us thru the mud at school right now. I am staying afloat, but I am getting so tired and today I have my last 2 skill competency tests and GOOD GOLLY they stress me out. I know my stuff, but in a phony situation with an instructor holding a clipboard, checking off whether I perform/say given words, it totally destroys my soul.  I feel quite competent in a real in environment, but these tests….they are a test to a person that beats herself up.

I’ve set up my screensaver to rotate through my pictures  Here is todays. I think the Universe is reminding me that however difficult going back to school has been, I don’t have to be a microbiologist anymore.


I am so glad to be freed of those days.  So I’m gonna try and suck up this last little bit – graduation in mid April – which involves 7 weeks in my beloved old stomping grounds of Seattle…. I’m about to embark on an exciting journey if I just hang in there a little while longer.

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