1st Portal

Hanging out at Sunport, enjoying a Chile Pepper Bloody Mary while I wait to board for SeaTac.  The past few weeks have been so crazy, and I was fairly convinced that I would screw up on the finals and they wouldn’t let me actually go!

But watch out Kirkland – I am on my way and I am going to seek out all my beloveds.  🙂

I did have to take a few last pix of the Sandia Mtn Range before i departed.  It’s a gorgeous day in ABQ, almost hitting 70 with sunshine.  I haven’t even looked at the weather report in Kirkland; I can only guess that it will drizzly and nasty.  Bring it on, for a few weeks it will make me happy, and my skin will immediately appreciate it.  It’s actually weird to experience your skin hydrate in front of your eyes.

BUT, I digress,

Here’s my farewell to the Rio Rancho Montage…. I miss you already 🙂

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