Ass Kick #1

  • Bring it on.
  • Bring it on
  • Bring it onimg_0915

I didn’t have a clue to how **totally** de-conditioned to humidity I’ve become in NM. My student are definitely going to hear about it when they comment on the humidity in my NM classes. Punks!

Loved it.  I really needed to experience a **true** skin de-tox.  The Ashram is truly an exceptional place, I am so grateful to have practiced and trained there for so many years.  I thought about crying about a dozen times, but I guess my lacrimal glands knew that I needed to hold onto any amount of moisture that I could.  I had to punk out so many times, since I figured no one would appreciate if I puked in the room.  lol.

I went there knowing that school has kept me off my mat. Totally dehydrated and worn out from finals week.  I knew it was gonna be intense, and I was 100% correct.  But dang it, I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’m already looking forward to it.

I did have a lovely time in Kirkland today.  Had Pho with a dear friend.  Picked up ridiculously overpriced yummy food from Metropolitan Market.  Observed the the huge hole in the earth that was formerly Kirkland Park Place (where my favorite sushi restaurant WAS)… So lovely and weird as hell to be here!

I almost didn’t go to see Lake WA, cuz it was drizzly and I am a NM weeny… But I forced myself to go – and I’m glad that my inner warrior spirit got me there. It is so damn beautiful.

Here’s what I gots ‘fer ya.

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