I REALLY wanted to go to the 6:15 a.m. yoga class this morning at The Ashram….. While in town, I really want to take advantage of the chance to practice there.  But I woke up thinkig about an assignment for my experience thus far at my final internship.  Not due til Friday but I just wanted it off my plate. So I completed and turned it in just now.  I hate waiting until the last sec.

It’s probably for the best.  I also want to do some reading about Parkinson’s disease before I go to work today.  I’m working with a patient that suffers from it.  My Rehab book actually contains several pages of yoga poses that can help with range of motion and balance.  And since I sorta like yoga…..Ok, it’s my obsession…. I’d like to re-read that section of the book. And a few other things that I’d like a better understanding of.  So I guess my laziness could be turned into a more productive day.

I’m really glad that I turned the assignment. I was actually quite pleased with it.

My bestie returns from India today, and since I haven’t seen her for forever, I’m betting I won’t want to work on a dratted assignment. 🙂

I did love the class I took yesterday. I took a before and after shot with my favorite mural yesterday. After I do my reading, I’m going to do a personal Yin sesh. That will invigorate me.

blessings for a beautiful day.  Namaste.

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