Here we go… Week 4/7 PTA externship

Last internship.  Thank heavens.  I am so looking forward to finishing my Pima program and moving on.  Back to simply being back in NM is high on the wish list now.


I am enjoying my surreal experience in Kirkland a great deal.    It is wonderful to hang with my bestie and see my beloved son on the reg.  Seeing pine trees and Lake Washington.  Practicing at my old studio brings up a lot of old feelings.  I have yet to venture to Lake Sammamish, the lake I once lived on.  That will definitely elicit a crying session and I guess I’m avoiding that experience.  It will happen, if it stops pissing rain.  I am officialy sick of the depressing weather here.  I am glad I am seeing my old therapist!!!!

I miss my Rio Rancho NM life a lot.  It will be lovely to get back to where I guess I now consider home. I will always consider the Pac NM a special place, but it isn’t “home” anymore. I am an outsider to an extent.  That is weird.  It is something I’ve needed to experience I guess. I’ve been homesick and I think I’m getting over it.  I will always be endeared to the area, all the memories it elicits…. But I think it is healthy for me to focus on the present, which is difficult here.

But I have taken some good shots, and if you know me….. Well yoga photography IS my passion… I’ve suffered near frostbite for some of them.  But I’ve definitely heard, and agree that Art requires suffering sometimes….

Hope you enjoy



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