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Back to Life, Live.

I’ve been emotionally slammed this past 7 weeks.  The Externship was a great learning experience, but overall…. so depressing.  This past week…. Felt like shit from a head cold. I had to give my in-service, I broadened my PTA experiences into Wound Care.  I’m not squeamish, but to hear people scream with dressing changes plus seeing decaying human flesh…. It was really hard to start that right away in the morning, take a full caseload of some complex cases while feeling nauseated….. I felt like a shell of myself as I walked out the doors for the last time.

I wanted to feel elated, but I didn’t get stellar ratings on every category i was being evaluated upon.  Almost entry level, but just a little shy.  I should focus on that I am deemed entry level for the majority of the categories.  But I gave it my all, and really felt under the circumstances that I deserved all Entry Level.  Whatever.  A fews of sleep has helped me process.

  1. I’m not meant to work in a SNF, retirement center (but I could totally see learning more about geriatric yoga, teaching a class gratis at a senior citizen’s center at some point.
  2. I need an environment that is far quieter if I am to flourish. I could hardly think sometimes, with all the chaos around me.
  3. I would prefer to never live in the Pac NW full-time again in this lifetime.  I can’t deal with the relentless gloom and drizzle. I need my NM Sun.

That being said, I sure have enjoyed being around friends, family, big pine trees, and Lake Washington.  Tonight, gonna hang with bestie Downtown Seattle, which I haven’t done in years. I’m sure it will be a blast.

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I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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