Today is the day. One one more practice test then I am a free bird. I can say that I am a PTA, not a student PTA.  The pressure of school is more or less off now; I already completed the requirement of passing one practice exam.   But we take a second one today and I sure want to perform better! But I am not full of dread today, like I was Monday morning. My soul has some emotional healing to do, but I’m betting my yoga mat can accelerate the process.  
Speaking of yoga, today is my day to be the studio rep for our #vivifyactiveapril challenge at Vivify.  Malasana.  Here are some of the shots that I took.  And the benefits of this pose.

Malasana (Garland Pose)

Benefits of Malasana

  • Powerful grounding and calming pose
  • Effective hip/groin opener
  • Promotes pelvic and hip joint health
  • Excellent for digestion/tones abdominals
  • Promotes flexibility in lower extremity joints and neutral spine
  • Ideal prenatal yoga posture

Western existence involves a lot of sitting in chairs – and our bodies suffer in a myriad of ways. Recognize that Garland pose is a common resting posture elsewhere!


  • Bring feet to the outer edges of the yoga mat, with toes pointing outward
  • Slowly bend separated knees, descending pelvis to the ground, while pressing heels to the floor
  • Bring hands to heart center and use your elbows to gently separate the knees

It’s quite common for the heels to lift off the floor in Malasana. In this case, bring the earth to meet your beautiful body by placing a towel roll under the heels. As always, be patient, honor YOUR body, and let the journey unfold in due time.

Contraindications are low back or knee injuries.

Baddha konasana offers many benefits with less stress on the knee joints.

Ok, back to my PTA musings.
I am determined to stay on track to study study study in order to kick it on the real boards in July. I will continue to take lots of practice tests until then to be sure!  But I won’t have to wear that dratted polo shirt and chinos any more.   I dislike polo shirts( (and being told what to wear)  Yoga pants and jeans suit me and I hate being told what to do.   I won’t have to drive to ABQ every day in order to sit in a classroom all afternoon.  I do much better at Starbucks on the library.  (I am totally willing to drive to ABQ if that is where I find an awesome PT outpatient clinic to work at).
I’m very excited that I will have more time to get on my yoga mat and hopefully beef up my teaching schedule while I prepare for the boards.  My instructors have emphasized that a part-time job is the best thing for us to do until July and I agree.  I’ll start looking next week. It would be really cool to alternatively find some clients interested in private or semi-private yoga classes.  I need to make some bank somehow!’

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