It seems that every time I get something off the to-do list these days, 6 other things jump to the top of the list.  Today, I was going to walk the pooches and then go study for a few hours without any distractions.

Instead, while on the walk, I innocently reached down to help little Lucien with a leash tangle,  when my phone fell out of my pocket.  Crunch crackle crackle goes the phone screen.  In the midst of soft sand, the one long rock has destroyed my screen. Hooray.  I have officially blown 100$ and off the Apple Store.  ARGHHHHHH.

I **know **there are far worse things that I could be enduring.  I really know that.  But I was hoping to be productive.  Was super grumpy, until I realized that during the hour I wait for it to be fixed, I can have a yummy salad at California Pizza Kitchen and do a little shopping.  ABQ Uptown is NOT Bellevue Square, not by a long shot…. But it a gorgeous day here in ABQ and I don’t need a climate controlled environment.

I have been meaning to share my farewell picture to Sassy Scarlett the Prius – to Silver Sparkle Fairy VW GTI – “Sparkles” for short.  This happened just a few days ago, this very big transition to my Baby, who transported me for 100K miles, with only one breakdown.  My stealth-mobile.  My Gas conscious vehicle….. Bye Scarlett. I will miss you, but I am sort of in love with Sparkles the GTI.


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