Weekend Teaching Schedule at @vivifynm.com

Written Saturday April 29th

9:30 a.m. Hot Flow – and in the mood for some heart openers, for ex.  But don’t worry, you do NOT need to do a drop-back, or even a wheel if that isn’t in your practice. I will offer plenty of other options for you to choose 🙂


Yin – Today 12:30 pm. and and tomorrow at 4 p.m. Your body would be most appreciative!

Yin is chill.  I’m not suggesting that it isn’t challenging.  It’s a style of practice that draws you within while maintaining long holds of seated and recumbent postures held for time.  You will not break a sweat and is truly an all-levels class.  Yin changes range of motion and facilitates being in the present moment and trying to let all the sh*t go. My students usually report feeling extremely relaxed after Yin. I love teaching Yin.  


Apart from teaching yoga, I am PROMISING myself to study a lot.  Have a PTA job interview on Monday, it would be nice to not look too stupid. But the phone interview and the clinic, at least via website looks really cool.  Fingers crossed!



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