I just can’t help myself.

I’ve been denying myself the fun of blogging of late. When I sit at my computer, I feel that I ought to study. So I just avoid the computer (Procrastinator par none).  Then I try to take on the study guide for the Boards instead (I really dislike computers).  However it is so dense, I can only read a few pages before I get sleepy. Hmmmm

This is not good. I have a month to cram for the boards.

I recognize that taking out a little time to get on my mat is super important.  So I’ve decided to take on some gnarly poses, they quickly accomplish stress relief.  I’m going to start looking at my beloved Yoga Book by Yoga Journal.  This was decided yesterday. Maybe it is big-time procrastination, but I am also a kinesthetic learner, so for the record, I do consider what muscles I’m using when I practice these days.  I try NOT to do it too much when I teach, but I do catch myself using words like “axial skeleton”.  That is a little too Left Brained!!!

Anyways, getting back to Pretzel Yoga.  Here’s what I’ve gotten thus far.  Once I add the pictures, I’m going to get back to studying pediatric issues. I really should take on Neuro, but I think it’s best that I work on something that doesn’t make my eyes cross.  I simply must leave it there.  I would rather think yoga yoga yoga…. but oh boy, I don’t want to fail the boards.

I am willing to admit to anyone that has read this far, I am trying to prove to myself that I can still do rad shit even though I’m turning 50 in August.  And I think I ought to get back to teaching Yang.  Perhaps I need to broaden my teaching.  I don’t know at this point.  I DO know that I better get back to studying. Once boards over, you better believe I’ll be teaching Yang again. Just don’t know where.  But a mentor from some time ago prevented me from doing so, I’m not going to let myself be limited that way EVER AGAIN.
Namaste Beloveds,


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