“churching it up”

Something a dear co-worker used to say about fancying something up.  A very insightful guy, that phrase, along with the infamous “snee-pee”…. (but I digress).

I changed my blog template a bit back and I really didn’t like it. But I didn’t have the time to look for a better one, so I procrastinated.  Blogging wasn’t as much fun.  The things I want to be able to do exceed my limited capacity with electronics in the first place.  And studying for the Boards took precedence over my silly little blog.

But with the Boards over, and with 5-10 business days to find out the results, I have time to guilt-free do my best to Church things up.  I’ve never been satisfied with the content of my posts.  Way too superficial, but again, technological-challenged me can only figure out so much.  🙂

But I’ve stumbled upon a new theme that I think has me feeling inspired

I’ll leave it there, I’m teaching Yin at Vivify at 4 pm today.  Come and stretch with me, you will be glad you did! Remember, flexibility is not required at yoga – but you will gain range of motion if you are patient and dedicated to the process.  Self-limiting thoughts blow.


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