Thank You Higher Powers

I got the most lovely news yesterday.  I passed my Boards. Now I can practice as a bona fide PTA.  I will be most happy to not have to introduce myself as a student PTA!!!


I am so relieved.  I can officially practice all that I’ve learned.  School itself was an ordeal.  I was happy in clinic, so I kept going, knowing eventually I’d be in a clinic and actually get paid!

The past few months have been so stressful studying and just having a general DREAD hanging over my head.  Now I can read my fascia books guilt free. Because I want to really gain a deeper appreciation of that. I don’t want to memorize numbers for a multitude of e-stims.  I’ve set up a kazillion e-stims, I understand the philosophy of the different types…. but memorizing numbers have never been a strength, until I’ve done something a few times.  Then I’ll remember the parameters.  On the machines that I’m actually going to work on.


The fascia is gaining a lot of appreciation as being a true sense – like taste, touch, etc.  It is proprioceptive – giving our positional sense in space.  Anatomy has historically been pretty reductionist and for a long time the fascia was scraped off a cadaver and discarded without thought. But there is a growing number of studies indicating the importance of the fascia and the connective tissues of our body as huge players in the task of keeping us together, physically and mentally.

I think what information we have thus far on these tissues/structures is quickly becoming fascinating and even convincing for Westerners. I’m convinced we only see the tip of the iceberg.  That is pretty cool and I honestly look forward to geeking out on it.

I think I see one topic that I’ll be expanding upon here in my blog. I don’t want it to be all about pictures of yoga poses.  I really want to make it an informative but super fun page.  Just computer challenged and have been, I repeat BEEN, in school. I will also certainly expand on video clips on my tips for getting into poses – starting foundational and progressing tips.  So I welcome any suggestions!

Still in shock that I’ve gotten my license.  Even though I know I worked my ass off and deserve it, I still am catching my breath.




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