On the importance of cover letters

Well, now that I have been granted to practice as a Physical Therapy Assistant in the State of NM, I need to look for a job. 🙂  And I’m keen to get back to the clinic, I really enjoy clinic.  And I really enjoy a salary.

Pretty excited to get my certificate in the mail!


I’ve made a a bit of headway on updating my resume on LinkedIn and Indeed.  Today I want to take on more job search sites.

I applied for a job in Bernalillo yesterday. I will aim for 2 applications today.  Writing cover letters is really difficult for me! Lucky I’m fairy pleased with my resume itself.

I plan to review the Board questions today – they have released them and I certainly want to know what the true answers were on the questions that I had incorrect. I want to be a super-PTA,  I’ve promised myself I will continue to study orthopedics/anatomy and of course yoga asana while I find that dream PTA job!

I’ve also stumbled upon a really good photo edit app – called Enlight.  It looks pretty neat.  I am dubious I’ll ever figure out the really cool stuff but why not try?  A 2 minute youtube video helped me figure this out.  So I’ll be definitely be watching more tutorials.



Thanks in Advance Universe 🙂


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