Donald Trump is a big nasty narcissistic lying Toad-Man.

Week 2 at Therapy Solutions underway. I have a whole  lot to do to get up to speed. I am highly motivated.

I had great plans to study last night, but the “Fake News” like Hurricane Harvey and Russian collusion sort of sucked me in last night.  I was also simply exhausted from trying to absorb a whole lot of information.

Please do understand that I am being facetious about FAKE NEWS and AlTERNATIVE FACTS.   There is a lot of bullshit media sources  but I honestly believe in numerous credible sources.. The Lies and actions of 45 truly frighten me and I firmly believe that he needs psychiatric testing.  I do not believe that he is fit for Office. I’m confident that corruption runs extremely deep in this presidency.  I want him to be removed from office.

The lack of action by the House/Senate to get him out of office really baffles me.  Grow a damn spine and do what is right and stop refusing to cross political lines.  This Presidency is dangerous for our country and removing him as soon as possible should be a bipartisan emergency.  Mike Pence is super scary alternative, but Donald Trump makes my skin crawl.  So I would just LOVE for Donald Trump to be removed from office in disgrace and hopefully fade into relative obscurity (prison would be nice!).

I think it might be time for me to take a much deserved break from the media. Apart from John Oliver, I am hooked on watching him.

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