Durango CO is so beautiful

But I haven’t taken a whole of pictures.  Just enjoying it for a change I guess.  We are here for a wedding – today – and I am really excited.  I love the Bride, she is an amazing woman and she is one of the reasons I didn’t quit Pima, when I wanted to so many times.  I am grateful that I am a licensed PTA now and for my special classmates who kept me on track.

It has been lovely to be alone with my husband a little break from the Basenjis.  We love them so very much, but a little pet free time is nice.  Particularly when one of the pack is going through his adolescence and is constantly into trouble.

I did a little morning practice on the porch of the cute condo we are staying in, which I dedicated the everlasting love of the Bride and Groom. I do wish them the best marriage ever.  🙂  Namaste.

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