Yin Yoga

I’m teaching Yin at 4 pm today at Vivify and I’m trying to get mentally prepared. I have a lot of studying that I’d like to be doing regarding Yin Yoga.  The problem is, life is getting in my way.  I’ve been on a major cleaning purge, so shredding documents from 10 years ago seems necessary to tackle right now.

My shredder has over-heated so I thought I’d pen a thought or two and share a few pictures, of course.

I came across of these 4 Tenets of Yin in a Yoga Journal Article.  There are so many more, IMHO, and but I agree wholeheartedly with them.

  • Find an appropriate edge
  • Be still
  • Hold for awhile
  • release with care

I am trying to come up with a new flyer for my Yin classes.  And a new business card.  I have so many pictures to sort through, debating on bullet points I want to make regarding both.  It seems easier to just shred 10 year old documents. Which I want to get back to, I believe my machine has cooled sufficiently to finish said task.  Then I will turn my focus to changing into my yoga togs and contemplating what poses I’d like to possibly do. I never really know where the sequence will go.  My Yin is pretty much a Vibe-style Yin and I try to consider who is there, not be married to some sort of sequence.  So time to get going!

I have discovered the beauty of parallel bars at work. I look forward to playing with them again this coming week!


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