Starting to see again!

For those of you don’t know (and those who give a shit – lol)

I have been fighting an unexpected and severe loss of vision in my left eye.  Things were getting heli-dark and blurry 2 weeks ago. Eye doc says eye itself is fine but my acuity is pretty bad (20/100).  He strongly recommended I not drive, work, practice only Yin Yoga (no inversions- including my staple downward facing dog- MEH), and take dogs for short walks.  I’m also to minimize all physical activity.  Boy he was right about losing my energy – I sure slept last week away.  This week I’m feeing quite a bit peppier. But grappling with the fact that optic neuritis, which they think I have -may be simply a viral infection of my optic nerve but neuritis is fairly well associated with developing multiple sclerosis within 5 years.  So I have ben going through hell.  Getting a second MRI, a special one to detect what is going on with the optic nerve, this Saturday and seeing the eye doc next Wed.  So I should hopefully get the great news that this is probably viral, and not MS.

In the interim,

Elated to say that every day my vision improve slowly.  This morning I am able to discriminate colors, and to a pretty decent extent numbers & starting to be able to read from my left eye.  The overall L-visual field seems a **tad** brighter.  I am so hopeful this continues.  That I’m just fighting a virus.  It might be a few months before I will know the extent of damage to the eye.  I have to accept that I might have permanent vision loss.  If so, I sure hope it is correctable with glasses or horrid contact lenses.  Doing a whole lot of praying!

So I have been a total sloth and feel really gross.  So to cheer myself up, I got a hair tint with purple highlights.  It’s nice to do something that you have always wanted to do!!!



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