this is a test

Man, I have a way with computers and all.  If you know me, you know it to be an understatement.

I made the mistake of logging out from my blog.  Then I couldn’t get in.  I messed around with it for way too much time.

so this is a test.  I refuse to spout negativity about retrieving passwords.  Y’all

But for fun, gonna see if I can post my first Video taken at ATI Physical Therapy-Riverside.  ATI posts social media, which is totally cool.  I saw a pretty decent headstand that they posted… but the very cool headstander I saw really popped out of headstand.  It was cool, but I would love to coach that guy.

I had to do *my* interpretation of headstand, some variations that are fun, and ALSO a nice controlled release from headstand. Coming out of a pose with control can be harder than going into it.

So, I hope that I can share it (whilst penning I am trying to download it).  Since I have had particularly bad luck with computers t’day, I am dubious.






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