This Blog Blows.

I want ever so badly for it not to do that. Do a major blog overhaul….It is far easier to simply  post my art, for pictures are a thousand words, and Brevity, I heard, is the source of wit.  (I believe Shakespeare’s comments on the subject).

IMG_E5989But so busy trying to fit into my new world at ATI Physical Therapy, keep teaching my weekend classes.  Family obligations/concerns.  And last of all, getting on my own damn mat.  I have writer’s block, I am terrible at creating interesting and meaningful blog that highlights my current attempts deepen my teaching and practices.

As a relatively newbie Physical Therapist Assistant, I think of many ways that I can marry my two occupations for better pay (which I don’t like to make my focus, but c’mon, I gotta consider that, I’m 51 fucking years old).  I know I have a unique skill set to offer once I get my shit together.

I don’t think that I have the training to offer the creme de la creme of my beliefs on the human body and how yoga fits in. I know that times are hard, so if I can in some way bring rehabilitation and yoga into a system that is sustainable for me and family and yet set up the system for my beloved yogis to get their classes partially paid for my insurance.

But I have to leave it there  I gotta get ready for ATI. I am actually stoked, It is simply 4 in the morning and gotta get my Groove On.

One thing that is helping me consolidate my practice and teaching philosophy is  He is taking on topics I greatly enjoy. A great resource that I know is going go assist my process.

Namaste.  Have a great day, and stretch you beautiful body, if not fo a few minutes and breath.  Over and Out


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