I excel at procrastination. Too many things pile up on my To Do List. I try to prioritize, but I tend to take on the little easy tasks instead. I particularly don’t like making phone calls, so appointments Ito make really build up. Then I get into the positive feedback loop of feeling negative about myself and consequently I avoid the list entirely.

Contemplating my Navel. Certainly not taking on my

So, I am super pleased with self for completing one of the big tasks yesterday. My first colonoscopy :(. The dreading started when I turned 40. I was grateful that I had 10 years. Then suddenly, I was 50 and I knew I needed to deal. It took me over a year to bite the bullet.

I accomplished this task yesterday. I suppose the dreaded procedure itself was not a that big of a deal. All looks good so I am reassured. But MAN the solution you have to drink is NASTY. You have to drink a ton of it and plan to live in the bathroom for a day (and night). I also got pretty nauseated. and stressed.

So this biggie is done and am good for 5 years. A true sense of accomplishment to have finally dealt with it. Perhaps this will encourage me to make 3 other medical appointments. Perhaps….

I think of someone that I pestered about the procedure for quite some time. I assume he would have done the same for me.

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