Independence musings

Still smiling about my class yesterday. What a fun group. Satisfied with my playlist. I believe the Yogis had a good time

Feeling contemplative this morning. Mulling on a recurrent dilemma.

How the hell do I best meld my careers as a successful Yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Instructor and Physical Therapist Assistant?

I want to freely discuss the power of yoga in rehabilitation and life in general to my PT clients. But I am to refrain from specifically mentioning Vivify there. That puts me in a bind when clients directly asked where.

I freely discuss the PT clinic I work at with my Vivify family. I’ve brought several yoga students to our PT clinic. Now I feel i should be equally vague to where I am PTA.

I need to specially discuss the wonders of both the clinic and Vivify to be happy with my career. Hence the conflict.

Perhaps cyberspace can give me directions. I know I am meant to blend my dual lives. I have a blast at Vivify. I HAVE to do my part in making Vivify successful.

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