MN sojourn

I depart today back to New Mexico after brief visit to MN. I grew up in Rochester MN and my mom still resides there. My sister lives in adjoining state of WI and I got to see her as well. there. collage degrees Mom a. (sis in WI, she came visit too. saw lots of my beloved extended family as well.

This was an emotional stay. So many memories hit me like a brick 🧱. Wishes I could stay longer, see certain other hugely important people in my past life. sites I want to visit, a tour of Paisley park one example. A visit to Dad’s grave. Close-up of corn 🌽 tower. List is long and dunno if I could handle some places. a certain person who doesn’t want to stay in touch with. Regrets. amazing memories…..

Glad to get back to life in NM. Yet a part of me grieves.

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