A rant. Silver linings.

What a fucked up and scary world. I send blessings to all except evil Donald Trump and his amazingly inept Cabinet. How I pray that the second wave is not going to be worse, but I suspect it will be. South Korea is starting their second wave.

I understand the masses that need to get back to work. I sure would like to! The problem is that “opening up” is premature. Total catch 22. Our economy is tanking. People need a paycheck. The violence of the demonstrators to open up was so predictable and unfortunate. I’m betting they are mostly trumpsters. The signs and chants are typically ridiculous. Offhand I recall a woman holding a sign “I want to get a haircut” while snarling at the camera. Holy shit. I too would like to get a haircut but I certainly won’t be joining in the revolt. Opening up now most certainly will bring on wave 2.

It is terrible to wish ill will on anyone. But I wish that Trump and Pence catch the virus and get at least really sick. These idiots have blood on their hands. 80,000 and counting. Their policies have destroyed the economy and the lives of so many. I have despised Trump for so many years. I still cannot believe this Idiot got into office. He is destroyed our country.

I never understood how people could believe his claims to be a great businessman. Multiple bankruptcies under his belt. Now he has done the same to our country.

Oh, there are also fanning flames of racism. His mega-rich his inexperienced staff have stole the poor from the rich

Shit, I can’t begin to name all the other ways he has fucked up our country. I hate that man. Our world will never be the same.

Thanks to the buffoon I haven’t worked in 2 months. My yoga studio, Vivify, has been closed for months. I fear for the financial smack that the owners certainly did not need. I just found out that my furlough at the Physical Therapy clinic has been extended until mid-August..

I miss my co-workers and of course my lost wages. 🙁 I know my life is still charmed compared to so many people. But I have to send my frustrations and sadness out into cyberspace.

I have been teaching online yoga classes until the studio re-opening this coming Friday. Computers are in general most challenging for me. Teaching to a camera is really weird. I can’t wait to practice with other people in the same space. Practicing with students in person – the energy we bring to each other when physically together just can’t be replaced.

I must hone my online skills so I can teach awesome personal/semi-personal yoga classes. Ditto for my classes at Vivify. I sure would love to blend my careers together. I sure want to be financially independent. Got the time to truly get on-line and be a resource as a yogini/instructor/clinical experience.

I want to change my blog to a different format. I am not sure how my old content will be retained. But it is definitely time for a change. Yikes.

Silver Lining

Being at home with my minions and husband a whole lot more. Sleeping more. Attempting to garden the desert.

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I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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