I’ve struggled with my yoga practice for awhile now. Partially relates to L shoulder and R ankle pain. The rest is my ego; she says why bother anymore.

That is bullshit. I may have plateaued in terms of my doing gnarly yoga-asana. I have been doing a whole lotta yin.

Time to f-ing stop sulking and try. I’m aiming for standing bow. It is high in the dozen poses I regard as favorites. Yesterday it took me a bazillion tries to pull it off. Having a lot of intrusive thoughts to look past.

Today, still not great, but definitely better than yesterday. I have a long way to go, but at least I’m back on my mat any trying again.

Vivify is now offering open studio options. It is lovely to practice in small groups after so much time in full distancing mode.

We must wear our masks at all times, including your mat. Granted, it isn’t the best to wear a mask in the hot room, but it is right thing to do IMHO. It is the breath we should be focusing on anyway.

Dancer’s pose/natarasana is definitely a favorite that I’ve largely ignored of late. Goal of the week – to rock the pose like I used to.

It might not be possible, but I gotta get of my but.

Day 2.

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