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fullsizeoutput_29f2 I cringe when I look at this page, I wish I could get it “just right” as a Double Virgo prefers.  But pictures speak thousands of words, so perhaps this is an acceptable forum.

Right now – I am (in semblance of order of personal importance) not chronological

  • wife and mom to 2 humans and food wench for 3 Basenjis.
  • Yoga devotee since 2000 and YTT certified  (400+ hours)
  • I’ve trained with amazing instructors over the years.  Erich Schiffmann has been my teacher from afar, especially after moving to New Mexico in 2015
  • I love teaching yoga.  My students seem to like me – lots of them come back, anyway.  I have many yoga besties that I have gotten to know for years on the yoga mat.  Their asana practices have blossomed in front of my eyes and I am honored to play even a teensy part to that process!!!
  • Teach at Vivify (vivifynm.com).  Check us out!  I know we are the best yoga studio in Rio Rancho and N. ABQ.  Please check out the studio! First class is free :

Vivify Hot Yoga (vivifynm.com)

  • Escapee from infectious disease research scientist (Ph.D, Microbiology

I became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in April of 2017. 

just started working at a lovely out-patient orthopedic PT clinic, Aug of 2017.  This matches my ideal career direction, and I am eager to make this clinic so happy for me that they might explode with joy.  🙂

Getting out of Science and becoming a PTA has turned my life around, like 300 degrees (I know that a full circle is 360, but I think it is more like 300 at this juncture in time.  That was in 2015.  I rather grieved for some time afterwards, but after a 7 week internship in Feb/March of this year, I know I could NEVER live there again.  But I will certainly visit, there are so many amazing individuals that I want to remain in contact with.

I do have a love of the desert now. We have a pretty awesome view of the Sandia mountains, which inspire a lot of my yoga photography.  Good because it has become a burning Passion in my life.  I’m 50, I gotta keep documenting my Journey and I find that I personally learn a lot in the process and am told it is inspiring.

For yuks, this is what I was I was doing for countless years.  Major highs and lows.  I’m proud of my publications and time as a scientist, but I left a very burned out woman with a bitter taste in her mouth.



I will update this section time permitting. This is just a smattering of pictures from some time ago.  Gotta keep this real, so much going on these days.



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    1. I’m afraid I don’t know of any Twin Cities studios off hand but I’ve asked a friend who lives there. I’ll get back to you, but if you want to send me links to studios that you are interested in I’ll be happy to give you my impression 🙂

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