About Me


About me is a very difficult topic to take on.  I am now a Physical Therapist Assistant but I still consider my calling to continue Yoga Instruction.  I also am a mom and a wife.

I also love yoga photography.  Definitely one of my favorite hobbies. A double Virgo (which means I love order).  prefers. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I’m going for that approach to explain me.

Right now – I am (in semblance of order of personal importance) not chronological

  • Wife and mom to 2 humans and food wench for 3 Basenjis.
  • Yoga devotee since 2000 and YTT certified  (400+ hours)
  • Yoga trained with amazing instructors over the years.  Erich Schiffmann’s teaching is my teacher from afar (and how I long to take another class from him.  But David Life Sharon Gannon have also shaped my yoga philosophy.
  • A Rio Rancho New Mexico resident since early 2015. I miss Seattle, but NM SUNSHINE is the best!
  • I love teaching yoga.  I think I’m good at it 🙂 although I know I have much to learn.
  • Yoga teacher at Vivify (vivifynm.com).  The best yoga studio in Rio Rancho/N. ABQ IMHO
  • Work as a PTA at an awesome clinic (Therapy Solutions in Santa Fe. NM)
  • An Escapee from infectious disease research scientist ((Ph.D, Microbiology)
  • Former Pacific NW dweller of 10 years


For yuks, this is what I was I was doing for countless years.  Major highs and lows.  I’m proud of my publications and time as a scientist, but I left a very burned out woman with a bitter taste in her mouth.





4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I’m afraid I don’t know of any Twin Cities studios off hand but I’ve asked a friend who lives there. I’ll get back to you, but if you want to send me links to studios that you are interested in I’ll be happy to give you my impression 🙂

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