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I wear many hats – as a yoga instructor or PTA. I have a Ph.D. in microbiology but I left the bench behind.

If 5 years residence counts, I am a New Mexican. Maybe I have to live here longer to make that legitimate. I am certainly a Minnesotan (birthplace). I argue that I am also a Wisconsinite (10 years schooling) &Washingtonian for about 20 years. I miss each state very much. But NM is where I’m happy to stay.

I am a wife and mother to 2 humans and 3 dogs.

I spend ridiculous amounts of time listening to music. Pretty much anything apart from Country (ok, there are a few songs) and EW on Opera – unless it is sung by Freddy Mercury. That’s different.

I’m currently recovering from rotator cuff repair in September. It takes quite a bit of time to recover from. Pretty fucking painful, but hopefully this will be worth it. I am jonesing for Hot Yoga, but I love my Yin practice. I am easing into downward dogs.

Can’t wait to get back teaching at the studio. Realistically, yoga has gone online, and I aim to make online effective and fun too. Zoom.

Yoga therapy is my dharma. Seeing students progress and let go of self-limiting thoughts.

old me

Ok, I also like to binge on Netflix. Which I think I must do now, Ciao!

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    1. I’m afraid I don’t know of any Twin Cities studios off hand but I’ve asked a friend who lives there. I’ll get back to you, but if you want to send me links to studios that you are interested in I’ll be happy to give you my impression 🙂

  1. Hi Theresa! Its Maria Canfield and as I promised I am saying hi. I’m going to explore the Vivify website and try to start attending either there or at defined fitness on Juan Tabo because we belong and its where Gary works out. What do you think about the teachers there?

    1. Hi Maria!! Wonderful to hear from you. 🙂 Hope you are well. Definitely check out Vivify – I am honored to be one of the teachers at Vivify. (vivifynm.com). We are on of the best studios in Rio Rancho/ABQ. First week is unlimited classes for free.

      I don’t know any teaches at Defined Fitness. If that is more convenient, it may be the answer for you to get on your yoga journey. But definitely check out Viv. I would be so happy to practice with you at least one time.


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