• Tons of variety with great instructors
  • physical studio in Cali to open soon (I will solely teach remotely)

My Schedule (PST) / Class description on site –

  • Monday/Wednesday 7 am MST
  • Saturday 10 am PST

I structure classes based on who shows up – So contact me to individualize your goals and please tell me of any significant injuries

  • This is your yoga journey. I’m practicing alongside you
  • I will offer modifications so your class is productive, fun, and that we connect outside of studio.
  • Practice intelligently. Challenging posses are but I vote that you have a competent teacher nearby . I’m happy to offer suggestions


Rouse.Yoga = Pass it On

Grateful to join the Rouse Family. Check us out! Your first week of unlimited live-streaming with a wide variety of awesome teachers is FREE. Check out

I’m live-streaming my FreeForm stretchy class today (1/10/2021) at 5 pm MST.

My style includes long stretches – sorta 1-2 min vs traditional Yin classes of 5ish minutes. Traditional Yin is truly awesome, I just gravitate to teaching shorter holds. It gives me a chance to also spend time on the upper body. My teaching style is multi-level Vibe. If you reach out prior to class, you help me guide the Vibe.


Hot off the press: MixLife

I’m teaching a noon yoga class today (Tuesday Dec 1 2020) At MixLife. This will reoccur weekly.

MixLife is a really cool platform offering a huge spectrum of classes. With instructors who have passed MixLife standards. I am glad to begin teaching in conjunction with MixLife. I highly encourage checking them out for a super wide variety of classes. Dance, Photography, Lots of DYI. Poetry, Arts/Crafts, etc. I am excited by the prospects with them.

https:\\ – I will show up in a “yoga” search

Mulling over class theme of the day – and how to promote my classes.

  • Tuesdays 12 noon
  • Thursdays 5 pm PST (to be posted today)

I have self-diagnosed computer dyslexia. Super embarrassing. I laugh it off, but underneath I am so embarrassed. It is not that I am stupid, and I do my best to figure things out. I experience a GREAT deal of stress that turns my dyslexia button on. I dunno. Things always work out.

I am compelled to send out major shout-outs and love to my anonymous computer angels that have guided me through the years. I love you all so very much. You have earned major karma points. Now I need to manifest another who will help me with a website.


just search for yoga, search for Theresa on T,R PST

AND – very shortly

Rouse Yoga – schedule TBD and I will update

Practicing together online allows us to maintain human connection. Someday it will be optional, but honestly, much to be said about convenience factor


I’m 8-weeks post-rotator cuff repair. Making good progress. I have full range of motion, and the pain is way down. Sleeping can be problematic. My arm is so weak, but now my physical therapy can step it up a notch with resistance exercises.. So motivated to get stronger again. But I also have to be very mindful 🙂

A few pictures from yesterday. I am very mindful to not let my left arm do much assistance at this time.

Baby steps. But better than nothing! I am grateful that I’m bouncing back – as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I’ve worked with many patients who struggled with shoulder repair. It is a pretty intense surgery!


I think I might puke

I am so concerned about this election. I oh so badly want the Orange AssHat out of office. I am so worried about the rotten cheating things that he will do before ousted.

I do like the idea of him going to jail and all his funds siezed. The billion he owes…. Ah, how fun it will be for him when that money comes due. Just REALLY don’t want to have a leader that owes 1B to God Knows What.

I wanted to practice a Yin-nish style class today, but just didn’t get to it. Too busy getting sucked into the news. I Tried to be be Strong and not look….

Tomorrow – Yoga Mat – it is you and me 🙂


Good God, I love him


Ooops I do it again yes, again


“Name a weakness”

Since I’m officially “separated” from ATI, it is tantamount to find a job! I leave in good standing, it is COVID related “separation”. So honing up on my interviewing skills and meditating on what it is that I truly desire. And get ready to answer questions such as the dreaded weakness Q.

Desire = My ideal job involves freely using Yoga-based physical therapy.


High anxiety is arguably my #1 weakness and nemesis. Years of psychotherapy has helped me keep it in better perspective and not cave as much.. Not really sure why I’m even bringing it up with you, Cyberspace crickets. 🙂 I guess I’m just want to send it out there, maybe someone will perchance upon it and “get it”.

#2 weakness -caring way too much about what others think.

#3 is temporary. It is left upper extremity weakness and pain. Underwent left rotator repair a week ago, and it has been very emotional and painful. I’m in for a long recovery. Trying to view as a learning experience from clinician point of view. This is of little consolation in the middle of the night when my biceps/brachialis start to spasm.

Being in a sling on one’s dominant arm complicates everything I do. I miss my downward dog therapy so much! My mat is my tether; trying to not to feel too much of a shell of me.

Looking for a Yoga therapy-heavy job is definitely complicated by not being able to do any weight-bearing on left shoulder and drive myself places. I know how to teach without getting on my own mat. I do not need to demo – there are plenty of amazing teachers that don’t. But I am left-handed. Everything I do takes way too long. Meh.

One nice thing it that I’m learning how to use my iPHONE11. Perfect example of something that I would typically procrastinate, but being laid up in many ways – I am getting a few things done 🙂


My resume…

Yoga Instruction Work Experience

Vivify Hot Yoga – Albuquerque, NM July 2014 to Present

Instructed yoga to students of diverse ages and physical abilities in a wide spectrum of yoga styles, ranging from restorative yoga through Hot Power yoga. Taught both private classes, semi-privates, and group classes. Educated students on breath work for management of pain and anxiety. Participated with teacher trainings and anatomy instruction. Experienced with teaching in both live and remote class formats.

The Ashram – Kirkland, WA January 2013 to May 2014

Instructed yoga to students of diverse ages and physical abilities in a wide spectrum of yoga styles, ranging from restorative yoga to hot yoga. Educated students on breath work for management of pain and anxiety.

Physical Therapist Assistant Work Experience

ATI Physical Therapy – Albuquerque, NM July 2018 to September 2020

Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic
Therapeutic Exercise and Skilled Manual Therapy

Maintained full patient load consisting of a spectrum of physical injuries, ages, and abilities. Provided individualized manual therapy techniques (joint mobilizations I-III, MET, myofascial release). Provided techniques to recruit core strength (abdominal bracing, pelvic floor strengthening, and proper diaphragmatic breath control). Taught visualization exercises to facilitate pain and anxiety management and to motivate the meeting of goals. Guided and progressed patients through individualized therapeutic exercises. Integrated basic yoga poses with emphasis on alignment and breath control. Instructed proper postural alignment, body mechanics, individualized exercises, and performed gait training.

Therapy Solutions – Santa Fe, NM August 2017 to February 2018

Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic
Therapeutic Exercise and Skilled Manual Therapy

Maintained a full load of patients with a spectrum of physical injuries and ages. Observed and progressed patients with their unique home exercise programs and personal goals. Performed manual therapy and therapeutic modalities (ultrasound, electric stimulation, and thermotherapy). Maintained a show-ready clinic that is extremely productive and busy.


Associate in Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Pima Medical Institute – Albuquerque, NM September 2014 to April 2017

Ph.D. in Microbiology

University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI September 1989 to May 1995

B.S. in Biology

University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI September 1985 to May 1989

  • Anatomy Knowledge
  • Medical Scheduling
  • Physiology Knowledge
  • Group Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Microbiology

A little Manic Monday Practice

I cannot believe how much difficulty I’ve encountered loading this video. Electronics sure hate me. The cherry on top of my aggravation is that I was blocked from playing the song.  So, if you want to practice with me – put on the official video and get silly 🙂