I think I need to break up with WordPress

I have a bazillion ideas on how to make my blog more interesting and in general update it. So many ideas on how to do so. But I find that I cannot even easily upload pix or short videos. I am pissed. I think I better find a better website for me. The problems I encounter with WordPress. . Fuck – why am I paying for this?

GoGo Boots cheer me up

These days are suck a clusterf* huh? Yoga – as always – is my happy place. Especially in GoGos.

I would ordinarily be teaching my beloved classes at Vivify today, but we have been mandated – as all fitness businesses – to close until April 10. I love my classes and my family. I hope our little studio can withstand this storm.

Yoga asana sure is different in GoGos. Here’s my latest installment.

Concrete is hard
Concrete Stag Headstand


I’ve been grooving on several Yoga Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to start to enjoy the commute. Or errands. Or just because. I really love these ones and encourage you to check them out.


J. is an amazing resource of all things yoga I attended an immersion led by J. “Gentle is the New Advanced” in Las Cruces last weekend and I am so grateful that I did.

I also HIGHLY recommend these as well

Every Day Sublime – Josh Summers


Yoga Hacks

GoGo #2

GoGo Boots and BodyStockings…..I’m compelled to explore the possibilities. This is out of my comfort zone to share. But yoga photography is a passion. I want to share it. . This will be a G-rated project. Photographer husband approved.

I’ve got whites and sparkles to explore at this point.

I’ve got more to share – but uploading pictures seems impossible atm. Having so much fun exploring GoGo boots Yoga. Definitely a free-form practice. I am most inspired.

Thoughts for the Day. Stretch your body in conjunction with awesome music. Take a Conscious Pause as needed. Squeeze your ass super tight and notice how it changes your posture. Relax and repeat often. Love yourself.

I get to work today!

I have been laid up since Sunday when I took a pretty nasty fall whilst walking the dogs. I landed flat on my sacrum in the fall and DANG it hurt. I was completely out of commission Monday. I went to Urgent Care Tuesday to rule out a fractured pelvis (not, thank god). Doctor said I shouldn’t work until Thursday (today). I have been so bored at home, but honestly no way I could have provided manual therapy. I am a bit concerned about how it will feel today. I feel terrible for my co-workers that I had to stay home for 3 days. I know that has been a real strain. I’ve gotta get off my ass quite literally.

So I’m going to do my best. Luckily we’ve got great ice packs there. 🙂

One perk of being homebound was sorting through old photo albums, sorting cupboards (involves standing) , doing some revamping of this blog. The dogs got extra pats. I that I got some things organized. Sorting through pictures is always fun. Here is one I took in an art gallery I encountered recently, in the Phoenix airport of all places. Really pretty.

Have a beautiful day.

A really beautiful gallery in Phoenix a couple of months ago.

Karmic Spank?

Been experiencing some powerful recollections of late.  Some super inspiring and life affirming.  Others thoughts are quite darker and harder to shake off.

My Father’s birthday was a few days ago.  His birth and death days have always been powerful emotional triggers.  I lost him when I was quite young.  Bucketloads of tears lost, some years not as painful as others thankfully.

Dad in his youth plus a family picture.

I recognize it is better to have a few true happy memories than experience a crapload of comfortable mistruths.   Sheesh, true dat – but hard to truly internalize, particularly when you are young.

Two nights ago I had an extremely vivid dream about Dad. I rarely recall dreams of him.  He does not manifest a physical form, I just know it is him.  This night he gave me stern comments about factors in my life that I need to address.  I agreed he was right and that I would try my best to listen.  I don’t care to elaborate our discussion.  That’s between Father and Daughter.

The following morning I took my dogs on a walk in the sandy desert. The Sandia mountain range was particularly beautiful.  Almost magical.

We encountered a car and I took the dogs up an embankment.  As we descended the Minions (dogs) zigged when I zagged.  I lost my balance and slam hit my sacrum.  It hurt.  After determining that I could feel my legs we turned back home.  It was unpleasant. I knew that my body was in shock and that things were probably going to hurt a hell of a lot more shortly.  I was right.

I’m convinced that on this auspicious day, Karma decided to spank me.  Hard. Sent me to my room for plenty of time to reflect on his words.

Problem is that I am still paying for the spank.  I couldn’t work yesterday.  I was given some freedom to be in the house.  Karma sent me to my yoga room for more reflection.

I feel much better today but still in Karmic dog house.  Much better but far from 100%. Walking is not horrible now.  Picking up light items from the floor still makes me grimace.  Thrashing on whether I can return to work today.  I did a test of getting into/out of car and it fucking hurt.  Manual therapy is physical work.  I know it would be best to take another day off from manual therapy.  I don’t want to let my co-workers down but I risk hurting myself further.

Perhaps the meditation that I’m about to embark on will direct me on what it is that I must do.  I am tired of fighting Universal Flow.  I want to listen to you Dad.  Please help me get out of Karmic DogHouse.