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More Cinderblock Yoga

Yesterday afternoon I was happily working on my playlist for my Power class on Tuesday on the patio.  The Basenjis were romping in the yard.  Then I looked up at the sky, and realized it was time to get on my mat.  While I miss the big Evergreens of Washington state, it is very pretty here.

Here’s what I came up with.  I had my mat on a piece of plywood the construction guys had left there.  It made things interesting!!!

Albuquerque Yoga asana Basenji Yoga yoga instruction

Making Lemonade out of Lemons…. :)

Woke up with this song in my head

The Basenjis woke up early this morning, ready to romp…. So I took them outside, begrudgingly. (I was really enjoying what I was doing, which was planning a playlist for class on Tuesday).  Once outside, however, I realized what a beautiful day it is shaping up to be.

We are getting a privacy wall built that will wrap around the backside plus stairs down into the main yard.  But at the moment, I’m simply surrounded by cinderblocks. Chaos around me, I felt inspired to do a mini-practice.  The Basenjis were running amok, which is a joy to watch.  Here are my favorite stills from the experience.

Albuquerque Yoga asana Basenji Yoga yoga instruction

Exhale Hot Yoga Experience (Continued)/Basenji Freakout

I really had fun leading class this morning – and am thrilled to say I’ll be teaching the noon Tues and Thurs classes starting next week.  Incredibly grateful, it is a lovely studio with dedicated/kind students.  I am SO EXCITED!

Here arre a few pictures of the studio ( a little dark with the blinds drawn, but warm and inviting, trust me!)

IMG_1157  IMG_1162

Came home to two Basenjis terrified to go out in the yard.  We are having a privacy stucco wall built and the first step yesterday was pouring a concrete footing/bringing in cinderblocks.  Pups were not allowed outdoors during the process.  Today I could let them roam free but BOY they were reluctant with all these cinderblocks/new smells.. Eventually they warmed up and ran around but i don’t really blame them, it really is messed up out there right now!

IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1168

It is a MESS right now, especially a we had a major downpour yesterday late aftenoon :(.

But like everything, it is worth it in the end.  The Basenjis will be able to run down stairs from the house in order to chase rabbits/quail.  I won’t have to slide down sand inclines to enjoy the lower yard.  (the Basenjis are far less bothered than this Biped.  🙂

Namaste!!  Have an incredible long weekend 🙂


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Exhale Hot Yoga

I am substitute teaching their 9:30 a.m. Power yoga class today and I am SO EXCITED!!! It is a lovely studio quite near my home (nothing is super near as we live out int the booneys). I really enjoy the instructors and the general vibe of this studio so I’m thrilled to be getting this chance.  I would love to be part of their team.  🙂  So I can use your guidance, Universal Vibe!

In other news we are getting a privacy wall built around the house – and yesterday they were pouring the cement footing.  So what did Mother Nature do?   It rained HARD in the mid afternoon.  Ugh. It really has been rainy here – and I’m definitely being accused of bringing Seattle weather with me.  But this area needs it, I am NOT complaining.  And there was a beautiful rainbow when it finally let up.  I wish I’d thought to take a picture of it.

Gotta meditate now and get ready to lead a kick ass class.  🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Albuquerque Yoga asana Basenji Yoga

Enjoy Retirement David Letterman

I didn’t watch the entire show last night as I was asleep – I go to bed ridiculously early since I wake up at 4 a.m at the latest.  But I eagerly watched the highlights this morning, and the Top 10 list made me laugh so hard I cried.  I watched other bits too, and it brought me back to college days which also made me want to cry, they were so long ago.  But it was a brilliant monologue, I really enjoyed it

I am also greatly enjoying a novel right now, “Downward Dog” by Edward Vilga.  He is most engaging, can’t wait to finish, but I’m only on page 170/320.  I’m glad it is a novel, not a biography!  If you enjoy yoga, especially if you are an instructor, I’d say it is a must read – for it definitely touches upon the duality of being a imperfect being and teaching a sacred practice in modern times.   I’ll leave it at that, until I’ve finished.

Here’s the morning pictures, replete with a Romeo photobomb.

Albuquerque Yoga asana Yoga yoga instruction

Monday Blessings

I hope that you had a great weekend!  My big excitement was discovering the Vivify Hot yoga Studio in Rio Rancho.  There are several studios that I want to check out in ABQ but it is a bit of a drive to get to ABQ from RR. So to discover a gem in RR is a great thing indeed.  I am certainly feeling the effects of some of the longest Warrior II’s that I think I’ve ever held.  My practice has been predominately at home, doing a whole lot of Yin and forearm balancing, so I was definitely weak….. Determined to fix that!

Here are my morning shots from The Studio Space. The room has a good vibe and I like having a white backdrop to work with.