Life is Good

Ok, I gotta keep this one short. But I want to thank the universe for waking up to find out that the lab practical scheduled for today has been postponed a week. I really felt unprepared for it given that it is midterm week and there is so much material to review.  I feel likeContinue reading “Life is Good”

Ain’t no time to play

School is really stressing me out. I took a Take Home Quiz last night and I’m pretty sure I did terrible on it.  That is frustrating, given I had full use of my notebooks, etc. But I neglected to print out some documents that really would have helped me – and I realized once IContinue reading “Ain’t no time to play”

Bestie, I miss you :(

Had such a lovely time with my bestie this past weekend.  It was really hard to say good-bye….I was on the verge of tears going to school. I can console myself with doing a clinical rotation in Seattle next February.  It will hopefully inspire me to focus on school – and yoga – because IContinue reading “Bestie, I miss you :(“

Teachers need to practice too!

I wasn’t terribly thrilled with my forearm balancing last Sunday (although the students were rockin’ their’s).  I don’t want to be relegated to simply giving out verbal cues, I need to be able to demo! School has not been kind to my personal practice. But in my heart I know that a quick warm upContinue reading “Teachers need to practice too!”

Back to PTA school – Day 1/Semester IV

I am not exactly stoked about going back to school, this past week has been awfully relaxing.  But I guess I am eager to the process going again, cuz it would be nice to get back to REAL treatments in 8 weeks… Plus I have to keep the eye on the prize – which isContinue reading “Back to PTA school – Day 1/Semester IV”

Oh, Oh. I’m 49. WTF???

How can this be? I’m most grateful to be alive and kickin’.  The alternative isn’t what I want until years from now.  I have a goal of being able to do the splits when I am 90. Totally on the bucket list. Haven’t done a dropback in awhile…. I gave myself the luxury of messingContinue reading “Oh, Oh. I’m 49. WTF???”

Week 2 of 2 at first internship

I am pre-grieving leaving Concentra at week’s end.  I am learning so much and fun meeting so many people in the real life setting.  With feedback from a very gifted PT. Classroom is obviously important, but it is really hard to pretend to treat pretend injuries at school.  I wasn’t good at play pretend gamesContinue reading “Week 2 of 2 at first internship”


I’m teaching my warm room Inversion and Arm balance focused class at 4 pm tonight at Vivify Hot Yoga I am watching the clock even though it is only 9 am. Been thinking of what poses I’d like to work on. Definitely funky stretches – lotus prep stretches and nice twist (including revolved chair/noose)Continue reading “Empower!!!”

I need some yoga

I haven’t practiced all week – been way too busy with my internship – late night classes ramp me up too much to go to bed.  That being said, I’ve been up since 3 am. I keep having bad dreams about assignments that are over-due. It’s happened every night this week.  I hope my subconsciousContinue reading “I need some yoga”