Thoughts on my Empower

I am very pleased with the way my new Empower class is coming along.  My arms are rather sore from yesterday’s class but I had so much FUN!!!. I was quite impressed with some of the advanced moves the students pulled off. They were super willing to try stuff they never had tried.  Big smilesContinue reading “Thoughts on my Empower”

Hot or Not Yoga NM inspires :)

Ok, I am in love with the mirror angle at the lovely Hot or Not Yoga NM studio, where I am super duper lucky to teach at!  After class today I messed around quite awhile….. I’ll call it artistic desire, but one *could* argue it was procrastination from studying… I’m not going to try toContinue reading “Hot or Not Yoga NM inspires :)”

Never tried this before….

I want to post a snapshot of my FB page here.  The flip-flop is easy.  I have officially freaked myself off watching anatomy videos for the past hour. I have finals in 2 weeks…. Thank God I’m teaching at Vivify at 6:15 a.m. I need to get on my mat.  School stress doesn’t enter theContinue reading “Never tried this before….”

4 a.m. musings

Sipping on my coffee, watching youtube videos on the  pulmonary system.  I’ve got a quiz tommorow on the cardiovascular system – and another in Disease Pathology class to boot (haven’t even started studying for that one ). Khan Academy is awesome in general. I really enjoyed their tutorials.  But I stumbled upon this one andContinue reading “4 a.m. musings”


I had a great deal of fun playing in the Hot or Not NM yoga studio yesterday.  I love backbending – I definitely need to work them into my classes more. Join me at Such a lovely studio.  Truly the nicest amenities. Lots of yoga (yay!) and studying (boo 🙁 )to do this weekend.  WeContinue reading “Squee!!!”