Potential end of Writer’s Block?

I *really* want to rearrange my blog.  I want to share my yoga pictures but i also want to provide a format for general info about yoga.  And Basenjis.  And New Mexico.  But I find that overwhelming, so I tend to just share pictures about what I’m up to and thinking about. Admittedly rather superficial! Continue reading “Potential end of Writer’s Block?”

Sometimes you gotta get dirty

It was **so* beautiful in the yard yesterday, We have some landscaping but a large majority of our acre is sand and desert plants.  I love walking barefoot in the sand, but tend to shy away from performing asana in the sand. 1) Asana in sand is a lot harder than on a mat 2)Continue reading “Sometimes you gotta get dirty”

The Desert is pretty cool

I never in a billion years thought that I would end up living in the High Desert in NM.  That just wasn’t on my radar.  I *almost*/maybe possibly could have lived in AZ part time in at one point in my life part.  Man, I still regret that didn’t happen.  that was the end ofContinue reading “The Desert is pretty cool”

Stale Items on a To-Do List

I managed to cross one off my list, and I’m grateful.  It was turning on the irrigation system.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weeks now.  But today, many plants were essentially BEGGING for water. I am grateful that the husband taught me how to do it. Lucien the Basenji puppy thinksContinue reading “Stale Items on a To-Do List”

Dog Day Afternoon

[Let’s just say this straightaway- another day of not studying for the PTA boards whatsoever] Sooooo…. A kazillion (hyperbole) of house-hold to-do items have accrued during my time as a PTA student. In general from our move to NM two years ago.  I have been plugging away at this list since wrapping up school.  ChippingContinue reading “Dog Day Afternoon”

A loss for words

I miss blogging.  Most of my thoughts of late have been of classified material.  Not for the government, but nothing I feel like sharing with cyberspace.  Plus, I’ve been pretty busy catching up with boring sh*t around the house, things that have piled up since I started school. God, I’m glad to be done withContinue reading “A loss for words”


Ok, this morning the Internet really LET ME DOWN. Funny, I’d never have said that back in grad school.  I’m that old.  As I finished my last bit of grad school, I was just hearing about the “world wide web’.  Seriously. One of the things that has sucked the most about returning into school atContinue reading “Reliance.”

I should NOT be doing this

Midterms last week were enormously stressful.  My crib went to hell all week. I don’t like when I don’t attend to my real life.  The exams went ok.  I didn’t expect the kinesiology exam to focus on what it did. Had I been given warning, I would have spent time on that.  I focused onContinue reading “I should NOT be doing this”